Invitation to a Network Meeting

Adult Cochlear Implants: Future role for advocates and user groups

January 23rd, 2020

Very welcome to participate in the second Patient Organization Network meeting focusing on Adults/Elderly and Cochlear Implants!

Meeting Objective: Discuss the strategy for policy work and share experiences in order to define actions to accelerate improved access to CI for adults in the Nordic Countries

Date: January 23rd 2020

Venue: Regus Express, Arrivals Lounge, 4th Floor, Terminal 3 Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, Copenhagen

Time: 10.00 – 16.00

Pre-read material: WHO programme for ear and hearing care - World Health Assembly resolution on prevention of deafness and hearing loss

This meeting is supported by Cochlear Nordic and stands for course fee and meals during the course. Participants pay and arrange their own travel and accommodation.


09.30 Arrival/coffee
10.00 Welcome: The context of the meeting and priorities/objectives from previous meeting
What is your most important/successful activity and challenge
with regard to adult CI?
11.00 Changing context: Globally - Standards of care, and Nordic data
11.50 Introduce and complete written table individually
12.30 LUNCH (summarise the discussions to feedback)
13.15 Feedback from the discussions: keys to making change happen
14.15 Increasing access to CI: Prioritise actions in delivering the objectives/priorities made in the morning
14.45 Draft Action Plans for Nordic countries
15.15 BREAK - Coffee
15.30 Strategy for the Nordic countries: What now, what needed, by whom?
16.00 Close

Download a print friendly version of the programme (PDF)

We look forward to see you in January.

Kind regards,
Sue, Brian & Lotta