CI Futures Forum: World Report on Hearing

Course date

  • 30
    Apr 2021

    10.00-11.00 CET

    • Webinar

CI Futures Forum: World Report on Hearing

Presented via Adult Hearing,

This webinar will feature presentations from a diverse multi disciplinary panel of experts. The panel will discuss the recommendations from the WHO World Report on Hearing Published Marsh 3rd 2021.  These webinars are open to all hearing health professionals, cochlear implant teams, cochlear implant users, advocacy groups and commissioners of health care.

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By 2021, WHO will have collected information from all its member countries on good and poor practices related to hearing loss at the international and national levels.  This world breaking report will be published on 3 March and is preparing its members to organise activities and use the report to raise awareness to convince national politicians to improve public health in relation to hearing health.