Cochlear Science and Research Seminar on-line - Connected Care and Clinical Effectiveness

Cochlear Science and Research Seminar on-line - Connected Care and Clinical Effectiveness

Our aim is to provide person-centred, joined-up care to adults and children with severe to profound hearing loss – treating people when and where suits them best. This pre-recorded webinar presents leading research in the field of Connected Care and Clinical Effectiveness – all with the common aim of improving patient experience and outcomes.

Prof. Helen Cullington moderate two sessions, focussing on Pre-implant Assessment, Treatment and Aftercare. The webinar opens with an insight into the expectations and wishes of people using cochlear implants. The Pre-implant Assessment sub-theme addresses the status of CI candidates and proactively optimising the treatment pathway. The Treatment and Aftercare sub-theme covers collaboration between professionals and the CI recipients to optimise treatment and remote technology advantages. The webinar close with an interactive Q&A session. The details of the two hour programme are below.

Watch the recorded webinar here


Professor Helen Cullington (host of the seminar)

Cochlear introduction - Dr Bart Volckaerts, Mechelen

Opening remarks, scope of the seminar and introduction of speakers - Prof Helen Cullington, Southampton

Expectations and wishes of people with cochlear implants - CI patient & parent interviewed by Prof Helen Cullington

Session 1: Pre-implant

Outcome prediction in cochlear implant recipients - Prof Andreas Buechner, Hannover

Digits-in-noise tests in the clinical pathway - Dr Cas Smits, Amsterdam

Session 2: Treatment and Aftercare

Aspects and tools of patient’s self fitting

How Remote Check has helped change our Clinical Pathways in a Paediatric Population - Justine Maggs, Birmingham

Factors associated with the effective rehabilitation after CI - Dr Albina Sataeva, Moscow

Remote rehabilitation in adult CI recipients - Dr Naama Tsach, Tel Aviv

Q&A, Summary & Conclusion - Prof Helen Cullington, Southampton

Closure - Dr Bart Volckaerts, Mechelen