Professional Education Program - Rehab Expert Skills

Course date

  • 06
    May 2023

    All day

    • Webinar
  • 07
    May 2023

    All day

    • Webinar
  • 08
    May 2023

    All day

    • Webinar

Professional Education Program - Rehab Expert Skills

This course will be run over three days in a live online format with virtual classroom presentations and facilitated small group practical activities.

The focus of the course is on working with families of children both pre and post implantation and will also introduce aspects of rehabilitation for teenagers and adults (a Rehab Expert Skills course specifically relating to work with teenagers and adults is also available as is a Rehab Expert Skills course for work with school-age children). Practical coaching and guiding techniques will be highlighted. Important aspects of Cochlear‘s implant technology involved to maximize outcomes through (re)habilitation and education will be included. Theoretical and practical training on aural rehabilitation, psychosocial therapy and guided self-rehabilitation including the use of apps along with teletherapy and its different modalities will be discussed in detail.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • identify the primary client and explain the rational for this when working toward real-world outcomes
  • use coaching and guiding skills in rehabilitation
  • support the role of the parent in a child’s development
  • explain the value of multidisciplinary team work in service delivery
  • maximise outcomes with technology and apps
  • plan for psychosocial rehabilitation for older children and adults
  • elicit patient goals and facilitate planning with older children and adults;
  • maximise the benefit of rehabilitation in remove service delivery
  • analyse and plan for a range of complex cases.

Who should attend

Professionals with a rehabilitation role including Speech & Language Therapists, Teachers of the Deaf, audiologists and psychologists who are working in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and schools with children and adults who have hearing implants.


​​​​​​​Submit complex cases 14 days before the course begins. A slide template may be provided on request.

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How to register

Registration through a Cochlear representative