Healthy Hearing Ears

Course date

  • 14
    Oct 2021

    15.30-17.00 (CET)

    • Webinar

Healthy Hearing Ears

Join the Healthy Hearing Ears Advisory Board for an online seminar and case discussion on the treatment of chronic otitis media related hearing loss.

Tentative agenda:

  • Preliminary outcomes from multi-center study on quality of life in COM-related hearing loss, Dr Altuna
  • Preliminary outcomes from multi-center study on cost and quality of life in treatment of COM related hearing loss, Prof Ardic
  • Case discussion on treatment of patients with COM-related hearing loss. Advisory board

Time: October 14, 2021

10:30-12:00 East Coast Time

16:30-18:00 Central European Time

20:00-21:30 India Standard Time

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Healthy Hearing Ears Initiative

Gather clinical evidence to raise awareness on the current challenges, optimise treatment guidelines, and support access to effective treatments of COM-related hearing loss.

1. Drive clinical studies and literature reviews to define outcomes of current treatments for COM-related hearing loss
2. Create a pack of research instruments to encourage and facilitate independent research
3. Advocate for updated treatment guidelines