A better fit starts inside

Course date

  • 01
    Jun 2020


    • Webinar

A better fit starts inside

How BCDrive™ transducer technology in the Baha® 5 System helps clinicians confidently fit more patients with bone conduction?

This presentation gives an overview of how the BC Drive™ transducer technology in the Baha® 5 System transforms the way patients with hearing loss can experience the latest generation of bone conduction hearing solutions. We will discuss the performance of this technology in terms of power, sound quality and patient preference over the traditional transducer design, and demonstrate how it provides clinicians more options to fit patients with percutaneous and magnetic bone conduction systems.

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  • Candidates for the Baha system
  • The importance of design in creating a modern sound processor for our candidates
  • The role of the transducer in the Sound Processor
  • How the transducer has worked for the last 30 years
  • The new BC Drive
  • How the BC Drive technology gives us sound processor design options
  • What it means for the recipient

Presenter: Tracey Adams, Senior Audiological Support Specialist EMEA

Course date: 1 June, 14:00-14:30 (CET)