12 & 13 December 2023

CIREN introduction training

CIREN is a Nordic network for audiologist. It is initiated by Cochlear Nordic and the purpose of CIREN is to strengthen the clinics knowledge.

We are happy to invite one audiologist to our introduction training for CIREN – CI Referral Expert Network.

CIREN is a Nordic network for audiologist. It is initiated by Cochlear Nordic and the purpose of CIREN is to strengthen the clinics knowledge about:

  • Severe to profound hearing loss
  • How to identify and support candidates for cochlear implant (CI)
  • Share and receive experience and knowledge from others in the Network

The audiologist will become a resource for your clinic and will through the CIREN network get training on how to train other professionals at the clinic.  The introduction training and the CIREN network do not have focus on products but how to assist patients with severe to profound hearing loss in the best way.

Date: 12th and 13th of December 2023

Place: Quality Hotel View, Malmö

Time: 12th of December 10:00-16:30 and 13th of December 09:00-15:00

Practical information

The training will be held at Quality Hotel View in Malmö where we have prebooked hotel rooms until the 1st of November. The hotel is located close to Hyllie station, only a short travel with train from the Copenhagen airport.

The introduction training and the dinner in the evening of 12th of December is covered by Cochlear Nordic. We are following the local markets ethical rules and guidelines. Cochlear covers course fee and a causal dinner on December 12th. Regarding travel and/or hotels cost, please talk to your Cochlear representative in your country.



Learing goals

What is the purpose of the CIREN?

Information and clarification of expectations

Introduction of all the participants

Get to know each other

Prevalence of severe to profound hearing loss  

How many is affected?

How does severe to profound hearing loss effect the user and its family?

Consequences for the user and their loved ones

How does a CI system work?

Be able to explain how CI works

Hearing function with CI

New research on the effect of CI

The rehabilitation after implantation

What is important after implantation to get a good hearing outcome?

The users journey

Look into the journey from hearing aids to CI

Communication with potential CI candidates

How to start the communication about CI and follow the user through the process

Information from CI users

The experience from CI users

What happens on the CI clinic

Knowledge about the examinations, surgery, switch on and rehabilitation

Information about the surgery

Medical examinations and side effects

Criteria in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

National guidance for referral of CI assessment

How to move on from this?

Planning the activities for CIREN

Download the program in PDF.

The training will be a mix between lectures and working in small groups. The goal is to create an arena with a lot of interaction to increase the learning outcomes and to make the group safe so the network will be able to develop as good as possible.

We look forward to learn with you in December.

Best regards, 

Solveig, Renè and Gøril.

Cochlear Nordic


Last day of registering is 1st of November.

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