Professional Education Program - CI Advanced

Course date

  • 25
    Apr 2023

    All day

    • Classroom
  • 26
    Apr 2023

    All day

    • Classroom

Professional Education Program - CI Advanced

This course is intended for customers involved in the CI fitting process who require an in-depth training in cochlear implant from an audiological perspective in order to support advanced programming sessions and complex cases.

Pre-requisite: Nucleus CI Introductory course
Who should attend:

Audiologists, CI fitting professionals, Speech therapists.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Develop a great competency level of knowledge of physiology and speech acoustics in the context of implantation, electrical stimulation and clinical programming.
  • Explain bimodal and hybrid fitting flow.
  • Perform support for advanced CI programming, NRT and telemetry.
  • Explain advanced electrophysiological measurements.
  • Explain what investigations may be useful for specific issues.
  • Explain how a multidisciplinary approach may achieve an optimal resolution.
  • Perform NRT test options such as Spread of Excitation, Neural Recovery Function, Rate Adaptation, and Neural Fatigue and explain their clinical applications.
How to register

Registration through a Cochlear representative